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Welcome! - Please go to www.facebook/ for the most current info


Blue Line Brewery was formed in the summer of 2012 with the intention of brewing Great beer in SARANAC LAKE, NY.  We are now open for business !!


We apologize for the elementary nature of our website.  Luckily we make better beer and pizzas than websites !!  


Update !!   The Brew Pub / Kitchen opened officially on Dec 12th, 2014.    The food has been coming out fantastic.   The official number of car washes over 20 years was 231K.   We are over 500 pints and 200 pizzas in the first 2 weeks as we try to catch the car wash total.  Please dont forget that we will have outdoor seating on Mckenzie Deck in the warmer weather.    


Update# 2 - Here we are sitting in the middle of a snowy April, and we are over 6300 pints and 2300 pizzas.  We are hoping to have Mckenzie Deck open by the 2nd weekend of May.  


Update # 3 - Mckenzie Deck is now open!!!  It is the best dining view in S.L.  


Update # 4 ( June 14th 2015 ) - we crossed 10K Pints over the weekend.  Thanks for all of your help !  I was considering upgrading my website, but decided to buy another beer storage tank instead!


Great Beer, Great Food, Priced for the locals!


Please go to for the most updated info.  I hate updating Websites. 


PS.. Go Sox!!